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We Are Eternally Grateful For You

God has been gracious to Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) this year. He, through faithful partners like you, provided for the financial, staffing and support needs PRC has had in 2022! I would be remiss if I did not give HIM all the glory for what He has done. As He led PRC to be a “River of Life” to the community, He has supplied beyond what I could have asked or imagined. God alone is to be praised!

If you are reading this and you have financially supported PRC in 2022, I want to say “thank you”. I should be telling you about a problem the organization is experiencing and then ask for a financial gift to meet that problem. However, that would be misleading. I want to be fully transparent. PRC has the funds needed to finish out the year. God has already provided and you have been a willing vessel for HIM to use. He has used you greatly! 

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortion on demand is no longer the “law of the land”. States now have the opportunity to make laws that either promote life or promote death. While this new development in our political landscape is definitely progress, BIG threats are still looming for families and their preborn babies. Women in crisis who can no longer obtain an abortion, are turning to online resources to find the solution to their “problem”. They are looking for a “quick fix” for their unplanned pregnancies and they are finding it in the form of unregulated and unreported medications. For many, this means that they will order their “solution”, have it delivered to their door and in essence perform their own abortion in the privacy of their home. 

All that being said, there is a dilemma at hand. Her help will not come from the coldness and hostility of the public square but from the warmth and compassion found in the helping hands of neighbors. God is looking for those who will come alongside PRC to be her neighbor. Is that you? 

With your best year-end tax-deductible gift, you can make the way for that young woman to find the life-affirming support she needs online and to receive initial medical care for her and her preborn child. She will benefit from pregnancy support, resource management, goal setting and problem solving. You can make the way for her to participate in parenting classes and earn baby goods her baby will need. Your gift allows her to choose life for her baby and continue to choose life each day of her pregnancy. 

Will you join God once more in providing the financial resources PRC needs to meet these young women where they are? Will you help PRC begin 2023 on firm financial footing? PRC will strive with excellence to reach these women before the “other side” gets a chance. And at the end of 2023, PRC will look back and be faithful to give God the glory for these gifts and give gratitude to you, our dear partner, for your investment in LIFE in West Georgia. 

Make your best year end gift today! 

May God bless you this Christmas season.

Karmen Stamps

Executive Director

Kellie Roberts

Director of Development


514 Tanner Street Carrollton, GA 30117


PO BOX 683 Carrollton, GA 30112

Your gift is tax-deductible and will provide a woman & child in need a free pregnancy test, ultrasound and emotional support.


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Pregnancy Resource Center is a registered 501(c)(3). Gifts are tax-deductible.

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