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The Power of God Working Through a Free Ultrasound

Our jaws dropped...


We had just finished ministering to a young woman who found herself with an unexpected pregnancy. She was in college and the father of the baby was just a friend. She had no support and she felt like all of the dreams for her life were crashing down on her.


She was dead set on choosing abortion.


But by some miracle we convinced her to step across the hallway into our exam room to receive a free ultrasound.


Baby put on a show! Baby's heart flashed brightly and even though baby was little, they gave us the biggest wiggle that they could muster.


But when we were finished, we felt a little unsure if it had made an impact on her...

...until our eyes met with a simple piece of white paper laid out before us. Every patient fills out an exit survey, here's what this woman said that melted our hearts:

photo (13).jpg

"At first I thought about aborting my baby, but once I saw it today (on the ultrasound screen), I felt love again."



Comments like this humbly remind us about why we do what we do.


Why we fight to give every woman a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. 

Currently due to funding, we can't always give an abortion-minded woman an ultrasound immediately. When we can't offer an ultrasound immediately, they often walk out of our doors and never return.


That's why our goal for 2020 is to hire another sonographer, so we never have to turn away a woman unsure about life in the womb. 

Will you help us? Will you help give the gift of life this Christmas?

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