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He is the message. We are the messengers.



The decisions that we make not only impact our own lives, but people around us and who we may never meet. At the Pregnancy Resource Center, we are a group of individuals who impact our community through testimony. Join us on a journey of hearing our stories.


It Is 2023!

Join us on our latest interview with our Executive Director, Karmen, on all the things PRC has accomplished in 2022, and what is in store for 2023!

Roes Goes Interview

Join us on our latest interview that I had with our Executive Director, Karmen Stamps, on how we as a Pregnancy Center are preparing for the outcome of Roe Vs Wade.

Sherrie Foret

Meet Sherrie Foret, our Parenting Plus Mentor. Join us, as one of our Board Members Sean interviews Sherrie on how she got plugged into PRC and to learn more about our Parenting Plus services we provide.

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