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What to Expect When You're Expecting


If you are like me, the majority of women who have not been pregnant previously will most likely lack the knowledge and experience of what their bodies will go through during pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the biggest life changes, but also the biggest challenge that women and their bodies have to face. The first trimester begins as soon as conception happens until 12 weeks. The second trimester is from 13-28 weeks. The third trimester is from 28-40 weeks.

It is so imperative, especially for first time mothers and women who are desiring to start a family one day, to know what your body and your baby may go through during these three trimesters. In this blog, we are going to discuss what happens with mom and baby during each trimester!

Disclaimer: Every woman who goes through pregnancy may not have the same experiences as another.

First Trimester:

Mother: One of the first indicators of pregnancy is a late menstrual cycle. Other possible indicators include the following:

Nausea (which is also called morning sickness)

Breast Tenderness


Increased appetite

Emotional changes

Frequent urination

Other body changes

Throughout the first trimester, morning sickness is quite common and you may experience the symptoms listed above. Your body is changing and is in the beginning preparation stages of carrying your baby.

Baby: Unbeknownst to the expectant mothers, the child development starts occurring as soon as the egg is fertilized. Between 3-5 weeks, a heartbeat is detected. At around 8 weeks, all major organs begin to form, along with the development of their arms and legs and the baby will begin to wiggle, even though you will not feel it yet. At around 12 weeks, the sex organs of the baby have been developed and the baby grows even longer.

Second Trimester:

Mother: During the second trimester, morning sickness normally goes away. During this time, you will begin, or already have begun developing a pregnancy belly. You will be able to feel your baby move around 16-20 weeks - it will feel like a flutter at first. Since your body is changing and your baby is growing, you may start to experience some pain throughout your body - mostly common in your feet, back or hips. You may also experience swelling in your hands and legs, along with itching.

Baby: During the second trimester, you will be able to identify the sex of your baby by ultrasound! By 18 weeks the layers of skin have finished forming. Muscle tissue and bones continue to grow. The baby will be even more active as it grows. Your baby will begin to be able to hear and his/hers eyebrows, eyelashes, fingernails and toenails will already be formed!

Third Trimester:

Mother: You are now at the home stretch! A lot of expectant mothers during their last trimester often experience discomfort and an increase in urination due to the baby moving lower to the abdomen in position for child bearing. You may also experience increased breast tenderness and leak colostrum! A lot of expectant mothers as well may experience lack of sleep due to their bodies getting prepared for the arrival of their baby.

Baby: Baby is now in preparation for childbirth! During the earlier part of the third trimester, the baby can now open and close their eyes. There is also an increased weight gain by week, along with their bones being fully developed. By the time the baby reaches full term at around 37 weeks, all of their organs are able to function by themselves.

Concluding Thoughts:

Experiencing pregnancy is one of the most rewarding, yet most difficult tasks that any woman goes through. Although not all pregnancies are the same, these are the most common symptoms that happen throughout the different trimesters. It is important to know what is happening with your body, whether you are pregnant now or maybe just looking to be sometime in the future.



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