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Free & Confidential Pregnancy Testing

We know how important your decision is to you, and you are important to us.

At Pregnancy Resource Center, we understand how important pregnancy is for you and your partner.


We offer free and confidential pregnancy testing that is administered by our trained and licensed medical staff. No matter what pregnancy option you are considering, abortion, adoption or parenting, they can review any medical concerns you have.


In addition, you can meet one-on-one privately with a certified pregnancy coach. No natter what option you are considering, they can help you make an informed decision in a quiet and confidential setting. The choice is always yours.

Holding Hands

We Were Created For You

For 35 years, we have helped thousands of patients within our community who were faced with the same life changing event that you're facing with today.


Regardless of what option you're considering, we're here for you. 

In 2021...

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We have administered over 410 free pregnancy tests in 2021.

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We have served over 28,000 patients since our opening in 1986.

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We have a 4.5 rating on our Google Review's page!

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