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Come for the Facts. Leave with a Passion to Serve.

This is a tour like no other. When you visit the Pregnancy Resource Center of Carroll, Haralson and Heard for a tour, you expect to be joined by community leaders and people with a heart to change lives. You expect to hear facts, like how many women and men visited our center and how many families were changed forever by the tools and resources that we offer. We certainly provide this information.

But what happens when you begin to hear the stories and experiences of the staff and others is nothing short of amazing. When one person opens up, so does another. As you visit each room and see the equipment that helps breathe the reality of life into the hearts and minds of our clients, you begin to see just how significant our work is here in our community. You begin to understand how important a conversation or a photo can be. The realization of the need and the work accomplished here begins to sink in. 

We'd appreciate the opportunity to share this experience with you. The tour lasts exactly one hour, as we are respectful of your time. Please email us if you are a business or individual who would like to visit our center and be part of this wonderful experience.

Past Participants Have Their Own Stories...

"Today was so inspiring! I saw first-hand how loving and caring the staff is here. The stories that were shared here today and the hearts that were wide-open for everyone to see just completely changed my perspective of what the PRC means to our community."  ~ P.S.

"The food was great, but the tour was eye-opening and life-changing!"  ~ J.H.

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