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If you're struggling with a past abortion, we are here to help 

It's Okay to Admit You Need Help.

We want you to know that you are not alone. You are not the first woman to experience negative post-abortion symptoms. In fact, it's more common than you would expect.


David C. Reardon, Ph.D., is one of the foremost experts on the detrimental effects of abortion and the Director of Elliot Institute. His research states that there are many negative emotional reactions that have been associated with abortion. Some women experience "impacted grieving," which is an inability to complete the grieving process.


Other women experience specific self-destructive tendencies, including eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, or substance abuse. A widely used term for these emotional problems is "post-abortion syndrome" (PAS). In fact, PAS has been proposed as a subset of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when PTSD is the result of an abortion. Many women who have emotional problems after an abortion fit within the diagnosis of PTSD.


With post-abortion syndrome, women want to forget about the event and put it behind them. At the same time, they are driven to express feelings of fear and pain. As a result they are caught in a cycle constantly alternating between feeling numb and reliving the traumatic event.*

One out of every four women have had an abortion. For a lot of women, keeping their abortion a secret is a burden they carry for their whole lives. They feel as if they cannot share with others the real heart issues they are experiencing. But what if we could offer you healing support?

This is Where Our Post-Abortion Support Group Steps in.

Our post-abortion healing study consists of small groups of women (3-6) participating in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Trained facilitators help women address these symptoms head on and help women learn about forgiveness and receive healing.

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