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Pregnancy Testing

Your pregnancy is a big deal to you, and you're a big deal to us.

Regardless of what option you're considering, we're here for you. We can help you be proactive. We can help you take the first step.

Pregnancy testing is administered by our trained and licensed medical staff. Our pregnancy tests are medical grade in quality and accuracy. No matter what pregnancy option you are considering, abortion, adoption, or parenting, they can review any medical concerns you may have. What's more, you will receive a confirmation of pregnancy document that can then be used to help set up pregnancy insurance like Pregnancy Medicaid.


In addition, with each pregnancy test appointment women will meet privately one-on-one with a certified pregnancy coach. No matter what option you are considering, they can help you make an informed decision in a quiet and confidential setting. The choice is always yours.

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A Little About Us...


We administered over 411 free pregnancy tests in 2019


We have a 98.5% high satisfaction rate among all our patients


We have served more than 26,837 patients since our founding in 1986

What's Next?

Step 1:

Schedule your free appointment

Step 2:

Receive free medical and emotional help

Step 3:

Walk away feeling more confident

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Let's Talk About You

*Pregnancy Resource Center does not offer annual exams, contraceptives, abortion services or referrals, prenatal and postnatal care, infertility treatments, or treatment for reproductive tract infections. Pregnancy Resource Center will offer referrals to local physicians for prenatal care. Medical services are provided in accordance with all applicable laws, and in accordance with pertinent medical standards, under the supervision and direction of a licensed physician in a life-enhancing environment. Patient information is held in strict and absolute confidence in accordance with our Notice of Privacy Policy. Releases and permissions are obtained appropriately. Patient information is only disclosed as required by law and when necessary to protect the patient or others against imminent harm.

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