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5 Quick Tips: How Men can Support their Significant Other

As a father of two, Sean understands the importance of preparation to support your significant other while they are going through their pregnancy. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for your significant other due to their bodies continually changing both physically and hormonally throughout pregnancy. Here are a couple of tips that Sean has learned through his experience of being a father and supporting his significant other.

Tip #1: Educate yourself

Educate yourself: Research the changes to expect from your significant other during her

pregnancy. Understand the different trimesters and how these affect her.

Tip #2: Be Flexible

Your significant other will go through different mood changes and you must

be understanding and kind through it all.

Tip #3: Enjoy Planning the Birth with Her

Enjoy Planning the Birth with Her: Show excitement in the baby’s upcoming birth and all

the decisions that are included under that umbrella.

Tip #4: Take up Responsibilities

Clean the dishes, sweep and vacuum without being asked. Do the things you aren’t used to doing, and it will make your significant other’s life easier as well as help her see that you care about her and the baby.

Tip #5: Listen to Her

It is very important for your significant other to know she can express what she is feeling during the pregnancy without being judged. Listen without telling her solutions on how to “fix” her feelings.

We hope that this blog helps and gives you additional tips on how you can support your significant other! Feel free to check out our other blogs.

Sean is one of our board members at PRC and is also a member of our marketing team. We are so thankful to have him on board at PRC.


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