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Top Ten Ideas for Valentine's Day as Expectant Parents

It's February, Valentine's month! Cupid's big day! Americans are expected to spend $22 billion this year. As expectant parents, here are a few tips and tricks to celebrate while keeping costs low. We know you are preparing for a new baby, but don't forget your partner. Celebrate the love that brought you together in the first place.

Top Ten:

1) Write him a love letter. Words are powerful and can last for a long time. Tell him how much he means to you. He needs your affirmation and validation.

2) Make a special dinner together. There is something about cooking together that strengthens your bond. Think pasta with a little sauce, salad, and bread. You have a yummy meal, and a perfect evening. Ciao!

3) Pick up some flowers. Rule one: They don't have to be expensive. One beautiful rose shows her how lucky you are she chose you.

4) Take a walk. Stroll hand in hand. Reminisce. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

5) Get an ice cream cone. It's such a simple treat of childhood. Share your ice cream story. You know the one.

6) Have a breakfast or lunch date. You don't have to spend a ton on the meal. It's all about carving out quality time together.

7) Write a note to your baby. This gift is more meaningful than at first glance. You will return to read it for years in the future.

8) Choose your baby registry. How perfect a time to plan for all those needed baby necessities.

9) Star gaze. Take a blanket and go outside and just wander in the heavens.

10) Pray together. It is such a humbling time where your intimate moments are shared together.


PRC sends you love and blessings on your Valentine's Day! Make it special!

Written by:

Sandy Krieger, PRC Nurse


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